Save N Seal Double glazing window film kit draught insulation 6sqm

Save N Seal Double glazing window film kit draught insulation 6sqm

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Product Information

Save n Seal
Seasonal Double Glazing Shrink Film Kit
Easy to fit
Popular for use in Rented properties
An economical alternative to double glazing
Simply apply the special tape around the window(s) to be glazed and press the clear film onto it. Using an ordinary domestic hairdryer, warm the film all over and, like magic, wrinkles and creases disappear. Trim off the surplus film around the edges with a sharpe knife.
Will seal your window(s) for the winter season, saving you money on heating bills and leaving your window area free from draughts
Size. 6sq metres of shrink film
Approx 4'11" x 13' 0"
Covers up to 4 windows (4'6" x 3'0")
Roll of tape included in the pack
Stops heat loss. saves money

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The tape isn't adhering to the window frame. Is the tape faulty?

A. Ensure that the window frames are clean and dry, a small amount of white spirit wiped onto the frame, with a clean cloth, will help the tape adhere.

Q. I've unfolded the film fully and it is only half the size.

A. The Film is very closely folded and will unfold to the full size (either 1524mm x 4015mm or 2133mm x 2794mm approx). If the film does not unfold fully apply small pieces of tape on both sides at the corners and pull apart.

Q. There are wrinkles in the film even after using the hairdryer.
A. It may take a few goes with the hairdryer before the film is settled.

Q. How do I remove the tape from the window frame?

A. Very hot (rubber gloves hot), soapy water and a plastic scraper will remove the majority of the tape residue. White spirit should remove the rest.


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  • Product Code
    M43 /.LL/.190/
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